Industrial Insulation: innovation and sustainability for the future of your company.

Teknovis3’s industrial insulation guarantees a quick return on investment, reducing energy costs and improving environmental sustainability.

Saving and Security

Innovation and savings with sustainable thermal insulation

Teknovis3 industrial insulation systems offer a payback of the investment in a few months due to their outstanding energy efficiency, significantly reducing operating expenses and improving environmental sustainability.

Teknovis3 thermal insulation products, with their innovative approach, simplify daily maintenance operations and align with modern personnel safety requirements.

Achievements over the past 3 years:
MWh of energy saved
Tonnes of CO2 reduced
Euros saved

The CO2 reduction is the equivalent of about

169.000 trees
planted in three years!

Industrial insulation for every need

Teknovis3 is an industrial insulation company offering solutions through removable insulation systems for pipes, valves, filters, flanged couplings,
pumps, expansion vessels, couplings, compensators and elements with complex geometry.

Teknovis3 products
transforms data into value

Gaia e-Tracker System

Gaia is an innovative IoT platform that by actively monitoring a plant allows real time energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions to be calculated. Gaia integrates with all types of Teknovis3 industrial insulation, transforming sustainability into real economic savings for the client companies.

Services for the implementation of industrial insulation

The versatility of industrial insulation allows its application in very different sectors (from Automotive to Food & Beverage), in energy-intensive companies aiming at energy savings and greater sustainability in their production cycles. Industrial insulation is therefore chosen according to production cycles, while guaranteeing personnel safety.

The main steps for implementing industrial thermal insulation are:



Technical inspection at the plant to identify the most suitable type of industrial insulation to be installed.


Design of the identified industrial insulation solution.


Installation of the insulation system on the plant.


Constant monitoring of energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Teknovis3 industrial insulation meets all the technical requirements of different industrial plants, avoiding heat loss, resisting sub-zero temperatures or corrosive liquids, or maintaining a constant temperature.

Types of application

Types of application of industrial insulation

Teknovis3 industrial insulation offers versatile solutions for a wide range of applications. Our removable insulation systems are ideal for systems that handle extreme temperature cycles, corrosive substances, or require strict temperature control. In addition, they provide additional benefits such as sound insulation and vibration reduction, significantly improving the efficiency and safety of technical operations.

FAQ on
insulation company

The most common questions about Teknovis3 industrial insulation systems and their use are answered briefly and comprehensively in our FAQ.

Our insights

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