Industrial insulation for cold or low temperature cycles

Industrial insulation for cold or low-temperature cycles is also essential in industrial plants that use cold or chilled water, glycol or other fluids. Teknovis3 industrial insulation guarantees energy savings, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the achievement of environmental sustainability objectives in production processes.

Cold water

Chilled water


Other fluids

The advantages of insulation systems for cold water pipes

Teknovis3 industrial insulations, used in cold cycles, offer solutions that help the company to reduce the condensation and the resulting corrosion and to obtain real energy savings.


Condensation and the related risk of corrosion reduction

Energy savings and CO2 emission reductions achievement

High resistance to sub-zero temperatures

Avoid breakdowns and downtimes caused by freezing

Plant safety

ATEX zone application;


Simple installation and uninstallation

Standard or customized


Reduced risk of cold burns

Dirt and dismantling residues elimination

Products for thermal insulation against cold or low temperature cycles

FTB Zero and FTT industrial insulation are designed and manufactured to achieve the best result in terms of industrial insulation. Optionally, FTB Zero can be produced with the integration of self-regulating heating cables according to customer requirements.

Teknovis3 products


Flexible Thermal Tape
FTT is an innovative insulation mat made of high-performance materials.
Flexible Thermal Blanket Zero
FTB Zero is a technical insulation mat for cold cycle applications.
Industrial Sectors
The industrial sectors that choose Teknovis3 solutions

The constant research of companies to obtain energy savings and greater sustainability in production processes makes Teknovis3 products the ideal solution for all production sectors.

Food &
Oil &
Film &

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