Industrial insulation for plants with corrosive fluids

Industrial plants using corrosive fluids have high security standards to maintain. In such a context, industrial insulation, through Teknovis3’s customized solutions, allows easy inspection, maintenance and resistance of the product with specific compositions. This enables them to achieve an increased safety level and to reach their sustainability goals.

Corrosive fluids


Industrial insulation for plants with corrosive fluids

When applied to plants using corrosive fluids, Teknovis3 products have a number of advantages that increase the safety of the people working inside the plant and enable a simple inspection, maintenance and longer lifetime.


Resistant to chemicals and aggressive cleaning treatments

Temporary containment of corrosive liquid leakages

External contact protection

Acid leakage detection


ATEX zone application;

Thermal insulation

Microclimate improvement

Standard or customized


Easy maintenance

Securing of plant facilities

Electric insulation

Simple installation and uninstallation

Excellent fire resistance;

Corrosion protection

Weather protection


Dirt and dismantling residues elimination

Products for plants using corrosive fluids

FTB, FTT and FTB pH-i thermal insulation blankets are designed and manufactured to achieve the best results in terms of industrial insulation. Manufactured using high quality technical materials, they combine safety with a handy inspection and maintenance thanks to their practical removable system.

Teknovis3 products


Flexible Thermal Blanket
FTB is a technical insulation mat that insulates all types of elements according to the system's operating conditions.


Flexible Thermal Tape
FTT is an innovative insulation mat made of high-performance materials.
Flexible Thermal Blanket pH-i
FTB pH-i is an isolation mat with a pH indicator on a scale of 1-14 that allows you to check for leaks of corrosive fluids harmful to personnel and plant.
Industrial Sectors
The industrial sectors that choose Teknovis3 solutions

The constant research of companies to obtain energy savings and greater sustainability in production processes makes Teknovis3 products the ideal solution for all production sectors.

Food &
Oil &
Film &

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