Gaia, the IoT system
for plant energy saving

Teknovis3 patented IoT technology,
reliable and easy to install

Teknovis3 is the first Italian industrial insulation company to combine a wide range of solutions with an innovative IoT system for calculating energy savings on production plants and reducing CO2 emissions.

Gaia e-Tracker System is a technological hardware and software device developed by the R&D department of Teknovis3, which is able to automatically calculate energy savings and CO2 emission reductions by constantly measuring the quality of the insulation level of industrial plants. It also monitors the thermal load of a plant’s fluids.

This IoT system for saving energy in production cycles is installed at various points in a plant to transmit data to the Cloud. An advanced algorithm then processes the data and displays the results on a connected WebApp.

Gaia e-Tracker System completes Teknovis3’s industrial insulation offering, providing greater control and safety for production facilities.
Developed by the Teknovis3 R&D Department, Gaia devices are being installed at different points in a plant and transmit data to the cloud. An advanced algorithm processes the data and displays the results on a WebApp.

Gaia e-Tracker system ! Rilevazione temperatura per coibentazione industriale

Get energy insights with Gaia rental

Gaia Teknovis3 system rental offers a unique opportunity for an in-depth analysis of a thermal plant. This advanced solution provides essential data to identify areas of energy inefficiency, allowing you to plan targeted interventions to reduce costs and improve sustainability.

Gaia is a key tool for verifying actual energy savings, ensuring that your investments lead to concrete results. With rental, you can quickly integrate this innovative technology, and receive continuous support and online updates in your private area.

Turning data into value
with the Gaia WebApp

The Gaia IoT system uses the WebApp to translate data into information available on the cloud-based web platform.

Patented technology

The benefits of IoT system for energy-saving installations

Thanks to its high level of technological innovation and ease of use, Gaia offers numerous advantages to companies that want to reduce CO2 emissions and to measure the level of energy savings.

Watch the video and find out how Gaia e-Tracker System works.

Automatic calculation of energy savings and CO2 emission reduction

Continuous thermal loads control

Constant monitoring 24/24 h

Data available directly on the Gaia device display and WebApp

Unlimited data storage capacity

Can be used on different types of thermal insulation cushions

Useful tool for implementing the continuous improvement methodology in production processes

Easy installation

Data available for export from the WebApp

See some case histories

Companies choose Gaia to measure the level of sustainability

Client: Tarkett
Client: Novamont



Security, Reliability and Speed offered by systems in cloud

Wired LAN

The LAN port allows connection to any business network in situations where Wi-Fi is not available


Wi-Fi - Constant network connection via Wi-Fi systems


Monitoring and information available 24/7

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