Azienda coibentazione industriale | Ditta coibentazione industriale

The first industrial insulation company

Teknovis3 is Italy's first industrial insulation company specializing in removable thermal insulation and monitoring systems for energy-intensive companies.
Teknovis3 solutions consist of innovative industrial insulation for hot and cold cycle production facilities and technology platforms for energy performance assessment.


Installing culture and innovation for the sustainability of production processes on Planet Earth.


Create culture and innovation in energy-intensive plant management. Build global teams. To provide high-quality, high-performance thermal insulation products and IOT systems to achieve and monitor energy savings and CO2 reductions, improving environmental, living and working conditions for as many people as possible.
Azienda coibentazione industriale | Ditta coibentazione industriale

The values of our industrial insulation company

Teknovis3 has created an in-house Research and Development department dedicated to continuous improvement of its products and the creation of new solutions. The daily spirit of Teknovis3, on each and every realisation, is based on the following values:
  • Be creative and innovative
  • To offer excellence
  • Creating a positive environmental impact
Industrial insulation company
All products manufactured and placed on the market are distinguished by the quality, uniqueness and design typical of Made in Italy.

IOT technology complements Teknovis3 industrial insulation

Teknovis3 emerges as an industrial insulation company because it presents itself on the market with a hardware and software product to guarantee companies concrete energy savings and the reduction of CO2 emissions in production flows. Teknovis3's R&D department has in fact developed an IOT technology to accompany industrial thermal insulation: Gaia e-Tracker System is an easy-to-install device that constantly measures the quality of the insulation level of industrial plants and monitors the thermal load of a plant's fluids. Gaia devices are installed at different points in a plant and transmit data to the cloud. An advanced algorithm processes the data and displays the results on a WebApp. Together with industrial insulation solutions, Gaia completes Teknovis3's technology offering.

Our industrial insulation systems applications

The industrial sectors that choose Teknovis3 solutions

The constant research of companies to obtain energy savings and greater sustainability in production processes makes Teknovis3 products the ideal solution for all production sectors. 
Industrial insulation company
Industrial insulation company
Industrial insulation company
Industrial insulation company
Industrial insulation company
Industrial insulation company
Industrial insulation company
Industrial insulation company
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