Industrial insulation research and development: what are the prospects for companies?

Nowadays, the paths taken towards profit optimisation and waste reduction in industrial plants are increasingly bold, especially in the field of industrial insulation. Here, research and development promote bold, cutting-edge solutions. Companies that boast complex industrial plants are constantly looking for new technologies. This is going to allow a saving and intelligent use of resources, […]

Industrial insulation: the design of the products

Design is a very important thing when it comes to industrial insulation products; and this is not only because of all the benefits they bring in terms of environmental sustainability, but also because of the aesthetic note they give to industrial environments. In this photo, an insulation device applied to an industrial plant.

When companies work on the design of a product for industrial insulation, it is not only the criteria of thermal conductivity and environmental sustainability that drive to the realization. Especially in the design phase of the product itself and the choice of material, there are several goals that are related to its functionality. Each of […]

Reducing CO2 emissions with industrial insulation: how to do this?

The insulation systems used in the field of industrial insulation are effective in reducing CO2 emissions. Carbon dioxide, released in the atmosphere in large quantities, is indeed the main cause of climate change. Unfortunately, nowadays we are seeing the effects.. Reducing CO2 emissions: the breakthrough of industrial insulation There have been several initiatives adopted to […]

Industrial insulation and environmental sustainability: what about the results?

Talking about the goals of environmental sustainability – civil society is aiming to – nothing is more effective than industrial insulation devices. Bespoke manufacture for ensure energy savings in hot and cold cycle regimes. Results achieved by resorting to thermal insulation activity, involving mainly energy-intensive industries. What are these results, in terms of numbers? And […]

Energy saving monitoring: how to do it?

The Industrial insulation we are not only talking about environmental sustainability, but surve efficiency and cost optimization of a company as well. These aspects can guarantee lower investments but at the same time a more performing result in production terms. In order to reach this energy saving you need to monitor the results in a […]

Industrial insulation: customized for your company

Insulating speaking your industrial plant is a profitable decision for all companies; moreover the need to customize the devices, making them tailored to your needsis common.Insulating speaking consists of a sequence of studies and surveys to be performed with competence.We are talking about at the main important results: energy efficiency and reduction of C02 emmissions.There […]