24 March 2023

Industrial insulation: customized for your company

Insulating speaking your industrial plant is a profitable decision for all companies; moreover the need to customize the devices, making them tailored to your needsis common.
Insulating speaking consists of a sequence of studies and surveys to be performed with competence.
We are talking about at the main important results: energy efficiency and reduction of C02 emmissions.
There is not a unique insulation solution, which is suitable for all companies, since each company has its own peculiarities.
In this article, we will define the work flow adopted by Teknovis3.

Industrial insulation: how to customize it?

One fundamental thing is the method.
In order to be able, to customize,fostering unique solutions for a company,
it is necessary that the insulator develops a personal method that considers all the important factors to pay
attention to.
Teknovis3 has developed one, that differs from the others thanks to the usage of cutting-edge technologies.
The method offers environmental data and measurements to develop a customized insulation system,
that every company can rely on.

Why using the Teknovis3 method?

Since there are insulating solutions for each company – high temperature or low cycles, corrosive and non corrosive fluids – each plant has specific characteristics, which must be evalueted before going forward with an activity of insulation.
Firstly this is crucial to ensure the best result in terms of sustainability and low CO2 emissions, secondly for the energy efficiency according to the objectives initially set.

TEK-SEM Method

Before going on with the technical surveys, it is important to outset an l’analysis and evaluation of customer needs (on site or remotely), to define the real parameters and create a specific customized industrial insulation.

Carrying out a customised industrial insulation of your company is a complicated operation that consists of a series of assessments. These are to be carried out on the basis of the specific characteristics of a given industrial plant. Pictured is a series of insulating mats.
Teknovis3 technologies

One of the strengths of Teknovis3 customization is given by the technologies it uses for an insulation perfectly sewn on customer needs.

  • Technical measurements of the plant (on request): Teknovis3 uses special technologies with 3D laser scanner that perform a precise and capillary mapping of the industrial plant;
  • Product realization: based on the data collected or sent by the customer, Teknovis3 creates a product customized to the customer’s needs;
  • Quality control: before delivery each item is checked in its entirety.

In addition, during the installation phase as weell, technical support, training ( if requested), and photo manuals to consult, are offered and provided by Teknovis3.

A practical example of customized insulation devices?

Practically speaking, how are this information used? Well, 3D data, in case of identifying narrow geometric spaces, allow you to adopt more effective solutions to simplify installation in more difficult corners (FTT) and achieve energy efficiency targets.
In addition the material and dimensions of many insulation devices are to customized according to the following criteria:

  • dimensional;
  • type of fluid;
  • system characteristics (operating temperature, external internal location…).

Hallmark of each item, is that it is very easy to install and remove.

100% customization with performance monitoring

The Gaia plantform, it is possible a continuous and updated monitoring of all the performances related to the insulating devices.
We are going to deepen how it works in the next article.

Customized industrial insulation Teknovis3

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