26 November 2021

Energy saving in a Food company: a successful case study

Energy savings in companies, and in particular in energy-intensive industrial companies, often involves complex issues related to the monitoring of plant efficiency. This is a challenge that involves all sectors and to which all manufacturing companies must comply with the latest sustainability regulations.

This is the reason why an important multinational company in the food sector has turned to Teknovis3 to encourage a more conscious use of energy resources in the company.

Thanks to Teknovis3 solutions, the company in the Food sector, has achieved a saving of over 99,000 euros in annual energy costs, with a reduction in CO2 emissions of over 1,000 tons per year, reaching the goals of environmental sustainability of production processes.

Teknovis3, the right solutions for company energy saving

Industrial plants that use hot water, steam, diathermic oil or other fluids are considered high-temperature cycle plants and are present in the food sector too. Industrial insulation is fundamental to guarantee energy saving and reduce CO2 emissions..

In Teknovis3 the thermal insulation blankets, ideal for energy saving in the company, are designed and manufactured to achieve the best result in terms of insulation. They are produced using high quality technical materials and thanks to the practical removable system they combine long lifetime and safety for the workers.

A technological revolution for measuring energy savings

To make the solutions even more innovative, Teknovis3’s R&D department has patented Gaia e-Tracker System, a cutting-edge IOT technology that is easy to use.

Gaia devices are installed in different points of a plant and transmit data in the Cloud, which are then turned into information available on the WebApp.

This is how Gaia makes it possible to measure the quality of the level of insulation of industrial plants, automatically calculate energy savings, CO2 emissions reduction and monitor the thermal load of the elements.

The advantages of energy saving for industries

Optimizing energy savings in the companies with Teknovis3 solutions has many advantages, such as:

  • Microclimate improvement
  • Simple installation and uninstallation
  • Weather protection
  • ATEX zone application;
  • Standard or customized
  • Excellent fire resistance;
  • Waterproof
  • Removable

This case history of the Food sector company is a concrete demonstration of the effective energy saving and CO2 reduction brought by Teknovis3 solutions.

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