17 April 2023

Energy saving monitoring: how to do it?

The Industrial insulationwe are not only talking about environmental sustainability, but surve saving and cost optimization of a company as well.

These aspects can guarantee lower investments but at the same time a more performing result in production terms.

In order to reach this energy saving, you need to monitor the results in a professional way.

In which way?

For monitoring all parameters, Teknovis3 offers a cutting-edge technology solution thanks to the plantform.

Energy saving monitoring: why doing it?

Insulating speaking is one of the simplest solutions to achieve important results in terms of energy saving and environmental sustainability.

These are the goals the new green culture is based on: values of sustainable economy that have pervaded civil society as well as modern corporate culture..

What are these insulating devices about?

Thermal insulation that, following special technical reliefs, are installed on some components of an industrial plant.

According to our studies, you can opt for an insulating device rather than another.

This is based on the specific needs of a company.

For verify the energy saving guaranteed by the insulating devices, it is necessary to provide tools ensuring accurate and continuous monitoring.

How much energy it is going to be saved?

Insulating speaking is not simple thermal insulation, but also a way to save energy and reduce heat loss.

Environmentally speaking, this means less CO2 emissions; for a company, it means lower costs.

These resultsare based on solid data and are supported by several studies.

But is Teknovis3 monitoring ensured?

The Gaia system of Teknovis3

To ensure better results and efficient quality indicators for its manufactured products, Teknovis3 has developed a personal monitoring tool.

After the installation of the products, the company allows the continuous analysis of the results thanks to the Gaia platform.

The full name is Gaia e-Tracker System: a hardware and software system that provides real-time data on the quality of insulation systems.

All this through:

  • the automatic calculation of energy saving and emission reduction;
  • the quantification of the thermal load of fluids;
  • The extreme ease ease of system installation;
  • an unlimited data storage capacity.

The Gaia system of Teknovis3

The system was was developed by the R&D department of Teknovis3.

The installation process takes place on different areas of the plant, and it is compatible with all Teknovis 3 thermal bearings.

The data is transmitted in the cloud: an algorithm processes and forward them promptly to a
connected webapp.

From the display of the Gaia device, or from the software on the PC, you receive a real-time update of all
the parameters
, with the possibility of exporting them from the platform.

This monitoringallows the improvement of all the production processes of the company involved.

The insulation devices Teknovis

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