26 November 2021

Gaia, an industrial energy monitoring system

Energy measurement is fundamental to generate valuable processes that could make it easier for companies to approach energy efficiency and achieve concrete results in improving the use of energy.

Energy Monitoring System

Teknovis3, which has always been dedicated to technological innovation, has developed a hardware and software industrial energy monitoring system able to measure energy performance and hence the degree of sustainability.

Gaia e-Tracker System, thanks to the constant measurement of the quality of the insulation of industrial plants, can facilitate the energy saving calculation, the CO2 emission reduction and to monitor the thermal load of the fluids of a plant.

Gaia devices are being installed in different points of a production plant and transmit the data in Cloud; an advanced algorithm processes the data and displays the results on a WebApp.

The advantages of Teknovis3 industrial energy monitoring system

Gaia e-Tracker System has several advantageous features as an industrial energy monitoring system:

Energy Monitoring System
  • Automatic calculation of energy savings and CO2 emission reduction;
  • Continuous thermal loads control
  • Constant monitoring 24/24 h
  • Data available directly on the Gaia device display and WebApp
  • Unlimited data storage capacity
  • Can be used on different types of insulation
  • Useful tool for implementing the continuous improvement methodology in production processes
  • Easy installation
  • Data available for export from the WebApp

Discover all the benefits of Gaia e-Tracker System!

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