14 July 2023

Industrial insulation research and development: what are the prospects for companies?

Nowadays, the paths taken to optimize profits and reduce waste, in industrial plants, are more daring and daring, Particularly in the field of industrial insulation.

Where research and development promote bold and cutting-edge solutions.

Companies that boast complex industrial plants are constantly looking for new technologies. This is going to allow a saving and intelligent use of resources, in order to implement the gains..

One of the areas where research and development offer the most attractive prospects for the companies is energy efficiency, guaranteed by industrial insulation.

But what are the prospects?

Industrial insulation research and development: a lot of potential

It is not just a question of changing values, which are increasingly focused on sustainable economies.

If you decide to look for new solutionsinvesting money, it is because you dare different potential. As well as the prospects of profit and savings for companies are promising.

The thermal insulation of the operating temperatures of machinery operating at sustained speeds -both for hot and cold cycles - represents a saving in energy, money and a reduction in C02 emissions, for a sustainable economy.

Over time, research and development have designed increasingly sophisticated technologies to set their operation, and to monitor the results of the various insulating products as well.

Research and development: new technologies for industrial insulation

Over the years, given the potential offered by the industrial insulation products, it has been seen that they are the main element to make industries sustainable.

For this purpose, multiple and sophisticated technologies have been developed, able to ensure a more efficient operation of the products, also improving the management and ease of installation.

These improvements are based on several elements:

  • Results Monitoring: Provides an up-to-date overview of performance, with connections to a specific web app..
  • Material: innovative solutions with with opening and closing systems that make installation easier -in particular for areas of the plant that require periodic maintenance- but also with flexible materials, which allow insulation in smaller spaces..
  • Technical surveys and various installation steps: the technology is then used to optimize the installation process, also considering considering everything related to the design and technical surveys of the environment where installing them. Thanks to accurate inspections of every part by special and sophisticated technologies.

The technologies of Teknovis3

According to what has been said, the company Teknovis3 has developed an internal research and development sector, and that develop effective solutions for its products.

The objectives are to facilitate the transition to a sustainable economy, to offer products that are unique in the sector, and that offer the maximum result in terms of thermal insulation.

The solutions, are as follows:

  • 3D laser scanners: the process of evaluating customer needs is based on the TEK-SEM TEK-SEM, a path based on several steps, strictly followed bt Teknovis professionals Teknovis3. In the initial assessment of the industrial environment, special laser technologies are used to scan every corner of the plant, accurately measuring even the narrowest spaces and the smallest corners.
  • Material: the material is sewn by hand by Teknovis3 operators, and has both a particular ease of installation, with rapid opening and closing systems of the artifact, and considerable flexibility for sections of a plant located in very narrow spaces.
  • Fluid Loss Meter: concerning cohibentation of systems that work with corrosive fluids, Teknovis3 technology offers detectors for the insulation of systems that can indicate fluid loss. The The FTB pH-I thermal pad has a pH indicator that works on a 1-14 scale. The indicator consists of two windows, which assume different colors depending on the degree of acidity or alkalinity of the liquid that comes out.
Ricerca e sviluppo, nell'ambito della coibentazione industriale, sviluppano soluzioni molto personali e tecnologiche, molte di esse utilizzate dall'azienda Teknovis3. In questa foto, la rappresentazione simbolica dell'attività di ricerca e sviluppo.
Teknovis3 has developed an internal research and development sector, and that develop effective solutions for its products.

Research and development industrial insulation: monitoring Teknovis3

Above all, however, the pride of Teknovis3 research and development and development by tracking systems..

  • Gaia platform: a Internet of things system developed by the the R&D department. Installed in various plant segments, it allows real-time tracking of the various levels of insulation and the results achieved in terms of emission savings and energy efficiency. It also monitors the thermal level of fluids. A sophisticated algorithm allows you to monitor the data, connecting them to a Web App..
  • TeknoCode: a unique code for each plant element on which the Teknovis3 product has been installed. It is basically a metal plate, to which a QR code is attached, and wich you can connect to a Web App. The latter allows the the monitoring of some data relating to the identified element.

Research and development: the future of industrial insulation

Given that significant progress has been made in perfecting the insulation products and the technological tools to be used, a new frontier frontier is represented by IA and all the innovations of Industry 4.0, which are leading to new horizons..

The insulating products Teknovis3

For For further information on our insulating products, please visit the dedicated page and fill in the form.

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14 July 2023

Industrial insulation research and development: what are the prospects for companies?

Nowadays, the paths taken to optimize profits and reduce waste, in industrial plants, are more daring and daring. Particularly in the field of industrial insulation, where research and development promote bold and cutting-edge solutions.
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