14 June 2022

Insulation blankets for industrial insulation: a guide to choosing

Industrial insulation offers many advantages in terms of environmental impact and energy saving.

The insulation blankets are the ideal solution for insulating production facilities and are custom-built according to the type of plant and application area.

Insulating mats are generally installed for the insulation of tanks, valves, joints, pipes, flanges and other elements of different types, shapes and sizes.

Teknovis3 is a company specializing in innovative industrial insulation that, through a full range of insulation blankets, promotes the reduction of CO2 in the environment, energy savings, and the safety of facilities and the personnel working in them.

Uses of Teknovis3 insulation blankets

Teknovis3 has developed an assortment of standard or customized insulation blankets to suit different types of applications:

Insulating mats
  • Systems with high-temperature cycles, using hot water, steam, diathermic oil or other fluids;
  • Systems with low-temperature cycles, using chilled or refrigerated water, glycol or other fluids;
  • Plants that need to maintain a constant temperature in their production processes and prevent fluids from solidifying or risking ice breaks;
  • Plants that use corrosive fluids have high safety standards to meet;
  • Industrial plants that carry gases, fumes or vapors and that due to different pressures, can produce vibrations that generate noise and problems with the stability and durability of the plants.

The choice of the most appropriate industrial insulation is therefore critical to the effectiveness of production cycles. This choice depends on several factors, such as:

  • The type of fluid on which to install insulating blankets: hot or cold water, steam, thermal oil, or other fluids in systems;
  • The environmental conditions where the insulation blankets will be placed;
  • The location of the facility, outdoor or indoor;

Examples of insulation blankets for industrial insulation

Teknovis3 makes custom-made insulation blankets for industrial insulation of different types, functional to the characteristics of the plants:

  • FTB, a thermal insulation blanket that is versatile in its application, as it insulates all types of elements, according to the plant operating conditions;
  • FTB Zero is an insulating blanket for applications on cold cycles;
  • FTT is an innovative thermal insulation tape made of high-performance materials for elements with complex geometry;
  • FTB Trace, is the thermal insulation blanket for temperature maintenance;
  • FTB pH-i, is an insulating blanket with a pH indicator to control any leakage of corrosive fluids that may hurt the personnel and damage the plant.
Insulating mats

The advantages of Teknovis3 insulation blankets

Teknovis3 insulation blankets have several advantageous features for the production facilities on which they are installed:

Insulating mats
  • Rapidity of installation: Teknovis3 thermal insulation cushions are easily installed, uninstalled and removed during maintenance work;
  • Analysis: The Gaia e-Tracker System’s innovative Iot technology, combined with Teknovis3 insulation blankets, enables energy performance evaluation and monitoring of actual energy savings;
  • Safety: insulating blankets protect the plants themselves and the personnel working in production departments;
  • Sustainability: Teknovis3 insulation blankets help reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the environment;
  • Energy saving: insulation blankets have a fast payback time on investment.

The method for industrial insulation with insulation blankets

Teknovis3 has developed a combination of customized procedures that find concrete translation in the TEK Save Energy Method. The main steps of the TEK-SEM method for implementing industrial thermal insulation are as follows:

  1. Technical inspection at the plant to identify the most appropriate type of industrial insulation to be installed;
  2. Design of the identified industrial insulation solution;
  3. Performance monitoring with Gaia IoT following the application of insulation blanket;
Insulating mats

All Teknovis3 industrial thermal insulations conform to high quality standards and meet international EN and ASME guidelines.

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