26 November 2021

The new Teknovis3 website is online

With the new website Teknovis3 brings new visibility to all the innovative technological solutions for energy saving and CO2 emission reduction of the production plants, in their different fields of application and markets.

The new institutional website is highly oriented to an end user more and more connected, with a user-friendly navigation, a reorganized menu and enriched content all framed by a modern graphic design.

The features of the new Teknovis3 website

In the new Teknovis3 website, navigation is easy and intuitive, starting from the well-structured menu, where the new restyled features are evident:

  • The heart of the new Teknovis3 website is the enriched “Products section, where all the solutions and their advantages for industrial insulation are presented.
  • Ample space has been dedicated to Gaia e-Tracker System, the technological innovation patented by Teknovis3 which facilitates the energy saving calculation in the production plants, transferring the data in Cloud.
  • The new section “TEK-SEM Method” presents the 6 steps that ensure successful thermal insulation in the company.
  • In “Applications” are illustrated all the fields of utilization of Teknovis3 industrial insulation solutions, designed to meet different needs.
  • Finally, in the brand new “FAQ” section Teknovis3 answers to the most common questions of the energy-intensive companies that want to maximize the energy efficiency in their production plants.

Discover the new Teknovis3 website!

With the new Teknovis3 website from now on users can discover online all the solutions and advantages for energy saving in industrial production plants.

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