30 November 2022

100% customised plants thermal insulation with Teknovis3

Teknovis3 thermal insulation jackets for plant insulation are fully customised to suit the characteristics of each plant. Even industrial tank insulation follows the customised insulation design model, developed according to element size, process temperatures, fluid types and maintenance requirements. An example of this is the insulation of tanks with caustic soda, a very corrosive fluid, but which, using the right technical material, has been insulated with excellent results.

Cutting-edge technologies for plants thermal insulation

Teknovis3 uses the best state-of-the-art technology to identify, design and produce the most suitable and tailor-made industrial insulation solution for different types of plant. Thanks to the 3D laser scanner, for example, the Teknovis3 team is able to carry out a 360° survey of the elements of a plant, even in high, difficult-to-access areas and at high temperatures. This allows the company to guarantee real energy savings in any application.

Plant insulation

And that’s not all: thanks to the IoT technology of the innovative Gaia e-Tracker System platform, Teknovis3 is able to monitor performance in terms of Energy Saving and CO2 reduction with Pay Back indication, calculating and collecting data from the Teknovis3 artefacts installed for plant insulation.

Plant insulation

Plants thermal insulation for every industrial need

Plants thermal insulation with Teknovis3 blankets can be adapted to different applications, such as:

  • Plants with high temperature cycles, which use hot water, steam, diathermic oil or other fluids in the production process;
  • Plants with low-temperature cycles, involving cold or chilled water, glycol or other fluids;
Plant insulation

  • Plants that must maintain a constant temperature in production processes and prevent fluids from solidifying or risking interruptions due to ice;
  • Plants that use corrosive fluids and have high safety standards to meet, both for the plant itself and the personnel working in it;
  • Industrial plants that carry gases, fumes or vapors and that due to different pressures, can produce vibrations that generate noise and problems with the stability and durability of the plants.

For plants thermal insulation, choose Teknovis3 solutions.

For your plants thermal insulation, contact us: info@teknovis3.com

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