9 September 2022

Pump Insulation in Industrial Plants

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In order for an industrial plant to be insulated against external temperature fluctuations, it is essential that the pump casings are also insulated by means of thermal insulation mats.

The right insulation system for each type of pump casings

There are many different types of pump casings, with as many areas of application, which can be thermally insulated according to their characteristics.

Therefore, pump insulation can take place on different types of systems, from hot and cold cycles to systems with corrosive fluids and for maintaining process temperature.

Pump housing insulation

Teknovis3 offers the best solution for pump insulation

Teknovis3 creates custom-made industrial insulation solutions for all types of pump casings, adhering perfectly to different models and minimizing heat loss.

In this way, for cold cycles, the risk of condensation formation and subsequent corrosion can be reduced. On the other hand, for hot cycles, energy saving, and CO2 reduction are achieved and the safety of the system itself is improved by eliminating the risk of burns. In addition, Teknovis3 is able to make artifacts for maintaining the temperature of pumps to avoid the solidification of fluids and the risk of cold cracking.

The method for insulating pump casings on systems

Teknovis3 satisfies any kind of request, customizing artifacts according to customers’ needs, using the best industrial insulation materials. In addition to producing artifacts remotely by receiving customers’ technical specifications, Teknovis3 also offers the TEK-SEM Method, which includes all stages from the technical survey at the plant to performance monitoring with the Gaia IoT system and training to plant personnel.

A wide range of industrial insulation solutions

Teknovis3 offers different types of pump insulation solutions, such as:

  • FTB, a thermal insulation blanket that is versatile and can be applied to many types of pump casings;
  • FTB Zero is ideal for insulating pumps on systems with cold cycles because it reduces the formation of condensation and subsequent corrosion of the insulated element;
  • FTB Trace, for insulating pumps that need to maintain a constant temperature;
  • FTB pH-i, an insulating blanket with pH indicator, which allows control of possible leakage of corrosive fluids from pump casings, decreasing risks to people and the integrity of the system.
Pump housing insulation

The benefits of Teknovis3 pump insulation solutions

Industrial insulation provides several benefits for companies, such as:

  • Economic savings:
  • Energy savings
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions;
  • Increased safety for personnel and plant;
  • Ease of plant installation and maintenance
  • Reduction of condensation and corrosion

Choose our pump insulation experts

For pump insulation for your industrial plants, contact the Teknovis3 team who will be available to you for further clarification: info@teknovis3.com

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