9 February 2022

Teknovis3 solutions to solve the soaring energy costs

In the last few months, Europe has seen a significant increase in natural gas and electricity prices, which have consequently pushed up the energy costs of industrial companies in many countries.

Based on the World Bank’s latest data, the price of natural gas remained low in the first months of 2021 and then took a major jump from May. Global gas prices rose by more than 170% in the second half of the year.

In Europe, from January until August 2021, the wholesale electricity prices had increased by +200% year-on-year, leading to a significant rise in retail prices of +9%, and then increased further in the months that followed.

These higher gas and electricity prices are holding back the economic growth in all production sectors, especially the most energy-intensive ones.

Reducing energy costs for energy-intensive companies

Teknovis3 industrial thermal insulation systems support manufacturing companies by helping them to resolve higher electricity and gas prices and achieve greater environmental sustainability.

Teknovis3 systems, made up of different types of insulating blankets for industrial insulation and a patented IoT technology, meet the specific needs of energy-intensive companies by working on two levels:

Energy Costs
  • Energy and cost savings: with high-performance products it is possible to insulate various points on a production line that are subject to heat or cold dispersion, achieving energy cost savings;
  • Thermal efficiency monitoring: with the Gaia e-Tracker System, the innovative IoT platform can be installed at different points in a production plant and allows energy performance monitoring and real-time calculation of cost and energy savings and CO2 emissions reduction.

A successful case study of savings for companies in the food industry

The effectiveness and efficiency of Teknovis3 industrial insulation solutions have been confirmed by one of the most recent projects which involved a customer in the food sector, achieving concrete results:

  • over 99.000 euros of savings in annual energy costs;
  • more than 1.000 tons per year of CO2 emission reduction.

This project’s figures demonstrate how, even in such a complex economic period for manufacturing industries, with rising electricity and gas prices, significant energy savings can be achieved through the implementation of industrial insulation systems and their monitoring.

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