24 May 2022

Industrial thermal insulation for effective production cycles

Industrial thermal insulations, or industrial insulation, are removable systems that are applied to valves, flanges, pump bodies, piping, and other components of production facilities of energy-intensive companies.

Energy conservation in the industrial sector is among the most discussed topics, and more and more innovative solutions are being sought to avoid unnecessary waste and safeguard the environment.

Industrial thermal insulation meets the needs of all production chains, which have been slowed down by the current European scenario of major increases in natural gas and electricity prices, especially in sectors with higher energy consumption.

Teknovis3 industrial thermal insulation is the ideal solution to ensure a reduction in CO2 emissions from plants, as well as the safety of the machinery itself and the personnel working on it.

The range of Teknovis3 industrial thermal insulation

Teknovis3 is Italy’s first industrial insulation company specializing in industrial thermal insulation and monitoring for energy-intensive companies.

It manufactures industrial insulation solutions of different types, functional to the characteristics of plants, returning a customized solution. Below we present industrial thermal insulation systems:

  • FTB, a versatile thermal insulating jacket that it insulates, according to the plant operating conditions, all types of elements;
  • FTB Zero is a technical insulation mat for cold cycle applications;
  • FTT is an innovative thermal insulation tape made of high-performance materials;
  • FTB Trace, the thermal insulating blanket suitable for temperature maintenance;
  • FTB pH-i, is an insulating blanket with a pH indicator to control any leakage of corrosive fluids that may hurt the personnel and damage the plant;

All Teknovis3 industrial thermal insulation conforms to high quality standards and is in line with international EN and ASME guidelines.

The advantages of Teknovis3 industrial thermal insulation

Achieving energy savings in the enterprise with Teknovis3 industrial thermal insulation means enjoying numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved microclimate (within the plant);
  • Simple installation and uninstallation;
  • Weather protection;
  • ATEX zone application;
  • Standard or customized solutions;
  • Excellent fire resistance;
  • Waterproofing;
  • Easy maintenance

Gaia e-Tracker System is the innovative energy monitoring system patented to generate virtuous processes that can facilitate the approach to energy efficiency and to achieve concrete results to improve energy use.

Gaia is a hardware and software device that constantly measures the quality of the insulation level of plants, facilitates the calculation of energy savings and reduces CO2 emissions by monitoring the thermal load of fluids in a production plant.

Industrial thermal insulation for every need

Industrial thermal insulations are extremely adaptable to different types of applications and installations ranging from high-temperature cycles, low-temperature cycles, temperature maintenance, in industrial plants using corrosive fluids or producing acoustic vibrations.

Specifically, they meet the needs of the following areas:

  • Food&Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical
  • Energy
  • Automotive
  • Film and plastic
  • Steel industry

Industrial thermal insulation applied to the food sector

One of the success stories in the application of industrial thermal insulation featured a Food company that uses plants with steam and hot water cycles and turned to Teknovis3 to incentivize the more conscious use of energy resources and overcome the complexities of monitoring plant energy efficiency to which all energy-intensive companies are subject.

Thanks to Teknovis3 solutions, the company has achieved savings of more than 99,000 euros in annual energy costs, with a reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 1,000 tons per year, meeting the environmental sustainability goals of its production processes.

From installation to maintenance of industrial thermal insulation

Industrial thermal insulation is chosen according to production cycles.

The main steps for implementing industrial thermal insulation are:

  1. Technical inspection at the plant to identify the most suitable type of industrial insulation to be installed;
  2. Design of the identified industrial insulation solution;
  3. Installation of the insulation system on the plant;
  4. Constant monitoring of energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Teknovis3 Industrial Thermal Insulation meets all the technical requirements of different industrial plants, avoiding heat loss, withstanding sub-zero temperatures or corrosive liquids, or maintaining a constant temperature.

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