28 March 2022

Thermal insulation jackets: what they are, the steps, the advantages

Thermal insulation jackets are removable systems for energy intensive production plants, ensuring plant and staff safety.

Both in industrial and civil sectors, the plant insulation must be made with appropriate materials and finishes to ensure long life in various use contexts and avoid accidents or heat loss, waste of energy and economic resources. Thermal insulation jackets enable the insulation of tanks, valves, flanges, pump housings, pipes and machinery in their various forms, etc.

In both the industrial and civil sectors, the insulation of installations must be made with suitable materials and finishes to ensure long life in different contexts of use and to avoid accidents or heat loss, wasted energy and economic resources.

The implementation process of thermal insulation jackets

The implementation of industrial thermal insulation in production facilities consists of several significant steps:

  1. On-site plant visit and identification of the thermal insulating jacket type that best suits the plant requirements;
  2. Technical drawing design and realization describing the components necessary to produce the thermal jacket;
  3. Thermal jacket realization using techniques that guarantee the maximum quality of the product;
  4. Isolation jackets installation.

Thermal insulation jackets advantages

Thermal insulation jackets promote companies’ energy saving

The current European situation sees an important increase in the prices of natural gas and electricity, which is holding back economic growth in all production chains, especially in more energy-intensive sectors.

Thermal mat | Insulating mat

The insulation in the various points of a production line subject to heat or cold dispersion allows in fact to obtain a considerable reduction of energy consumption and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the environment.

In this context, thermal insulation jackets support production companies by helping them to overcome rising electricity and gas prices and achieve greater environmental sustainability.

Thermal insulation jackets improve workplace safety

Another important advantage of thermal insulation jackets implementation in production plants is safety: they decrease the risk of burns and provide temporary containment of accidental spills of aggressive products, protecting plant staff.

Installation simplicity of thermal insulation jackets

Thermal insulation jackets are systems, although different, featuring quick installation, operability, easy maintenance, and inspection of insulated components, to facilitate production line operations.

The complete range of Teknovis3 insulating thermal jackets

Teknovis3 is the first Italian industrial insulation company specialized in thermal insulation and monitoring systems for energy intensive companies.

The company realizes different types of thermal insulation jackets, functional to the plant characteristics, providing a customized solution. Below we present the industrial insulation solutions:

  • FTB, a versatile thermal insulating jacket that it insulates, according to the plant operating conditions, all types of elements;
  • FTB Zero is a technical insulation mat for cold cycle applications;
  • FTT is an innovative thermal insulation tape made of high-performance materials;
  • FTB Trace, the thermal insulating blanket suitable for temperature maintenance;
  • FTB pH-i, is an insulating blanket with a pH indicator to control any leakage of corrosive fluids that may hurt the personnel and damage the plant;

All Teknovis3 industrial insulation solutions comply with high quality standards and are in line with international EN and ASME directives.

The compliance with these international requirements makes Teknovis3 solutions ideal for installation in different countrie.

An innovative energy monitoring system

Thermal mat | Insulating mat

Alongside industrial thermal insulation, Teknovis3 has patented an IoT technology to generate virtuous processes that can help to facilitate the energy efficiency approach and achieve concrete results in terms of energy use improvement.

Gaia e-Tracker System is a hardware and software device that, thanks to the constant measurement of the quality of the level of insulation of industrial plants, is able to facilitate the calculation of energy savings and CO2 emissions reduction and monitor the thermal load of the fluids of a production plant.

Gaia devices are being installed in different points of a production plant and transmit the data in Cloud; an advanced algorithm processes the data and displays the results on a WebApp.

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