27 July 2022

Valve and flange insulation in industrial plants

For valve and flange insulation in industrial plants, choose Teknovis3 solutions.

Valves and flanges are parts of the lines of an industrial plant that often remain uninsulated due to the need for frequent maintenance.

In industrial plants there are different types of valves, for example flow valves, shut-off valves, control valves, safety valves and others. There are also different types of flanges such as blind flanges, flat flanges, collar flanges, etc.

It is important to know a few things in order to make products suitable for the plant:

  • Valve and flange sizes and types;
  • Type of fluid;
  • Fluid temperature;
  • Element location (internal/external).

Valve and flange insulation with Teknovis3 solutions

The Teknovis3 range of thermal insulation blankets promote CO2 reduction in the environment, energy savings, personnel safety and ease of maintenance.

Teknovis3 makes easy-to-install and easy-to-dismantle thermal insulation blankets for insulating all types of valves and flanges, such as:

  • FTB, a thermal insulation blanket that is versatile in its application, as it insulates all types of elements, according to the plant operating conditions;
  • FTB Zero is an insulating blanket for applications on cold cycles;
  • FTT is an innovative thermal insulation tape made of high-performance materials for elements with complex geometry;
  • FTB Trace, is the thermal insulation blanket for temperature maintenance;
  • FTB pH-i, is an insulating blanket with a pH indicator to control any leakage of corrosive fluids that may hurt the personnel and damage the plant.
Valve insulation | Flange insulation

The advantages of Teknovis3 mats for valve and flange insulation

The effective insulation of valves and flanges includes numerous advantages such as:

Valve insulation | Flange insulation
  • Energy saving: reducing waste of energy and resources in industrial production for the continued protection of the planet;
  • Payback (Money saving): Teknovis3 insulation blankets are an investment that pays back quickly and saves companies money;
  • Analysis: The Gaia e-Tracker System’s innovative Iot technology, combined with Teknovis3 insulation blankets, enables energy performance evaluation and monitoring of actual energy savings;
  • Safety: Teknovis3 insulation mats protect personnel working in production departments;
  • Sustainability: Teknovis3 insulation blankets help reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the environment;
  • Easy installation of Teknovis3 insulation blankets;

Installation of insulation blankets for valve and flange insulation

Teknovis3 thermal insulation blankets are easy to install, uninstall and remove during maintenance work.

Teknovis3 offers its customers detailed instructions to make plant personnel autonomous in the installation and de-installation of insulation blankets.

Watch the video tutorial below and see how easy it is to install our thermal cushions.

Teknovis3: the specialists in valve and flange insulation

For valve and flange insulation for your industrial plants, contact the Teknovis3 team who will be available to you for further clarification: info@teknovis3.com

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