3 March 2023

Which are the advantages of insulation in industry: why efficiency?

Which are the advantages of insulation in industry: why efficiency? And why do the latter and energy efficiency go hand in hand? Efficiency is the responsible and smart use of energy. In the context of an industrial environment, it means rational optimisation, using state-of-the-art technology, of one’s own productivity and energy distribution. This improvement is expressed, therefore, in terms of performance and turnover.

Insulation: what is that about?

Let’s begin by saying that insulation systems do concern insulation, but in several different areas and levels. In this circumstance we talk about thermal insulation, the purpose of which is to insulate industrial machinery, so as to reduce as much as possible energy loss.

Industrial insulation: general advantages

Concerning industrial insulation, we are talking about products whose advantages cannot be referred only and mainly to a single category. Actually the issue of thermal insulation can be divided into a series of advantages that, evaluated one-by-one, allow us to understand how convenient they are in our industrial plants. Basically it must be taken into account that thermal insulation does not simply mean energy savings, but implies many other aspects.

Advantages of industrial insulation: sustainability

One of the most obvious advantages of industrial insulation devices is their effectiveness in terms of eco-sustainability: reducing the negative impact on the environment. A remarkable percentage of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, CO2 in particular, comes from industrial plants. Teknovis3 – data derived from a constant monitoring – has contributed with its systems to reduce emissions by several tons per year. Hence investing in industrial insulation means walking on the right path, betting correctly on the future of our planet. Furthermore consumers are increasingly having an eye on green issues; they are more and more inclined to join a company that pursues environmental values; supporting the preservation of the ecosystem, using energy efficiency systems.

Job security

It is undisputable that working or living in a safe environment help people to work better. In places where you work constantly and close to high temperatures, insulation systems strongly reduce the possibility of work accidents caused by burns and loss of harmful materials.


Safer environment also means healthier environment. A comfortable place: with a microclimate suitable to ensure efficient working rhythms, without any risk of suffering high temperatures for a too long time. Looking through the most important data of the monitoring of Teknovis3, it is possible to see that the thermal insulation FTB is able to reduce the heat loss of about 80%. From a temperature of 185.2 ºC, it is 25.6 ºC.

The advantages of industrial insulation are mainly thermal insulation. Pictured is a graph showing how a thermal mat improves energy efficiency.

Saving maintenance costs with cold cycle insulation

The savings made by thermal insulation are also expressed in terms of maintenance and supply. An insulated industrial plant is notably more protected from risks of wear and corrosion: especially referring to cold insulation. The main advantages are:

  • The decrease of condensation on the appliance;
  • The reduction of potential cracks caused by frost;
  • The danger of cracks, abrasions and corrosion caused by ice is avoided;
  • Less solidification of fluids;
  • Less stops or blocks of production rhythms.

Convenience and ease of use

A remarkable aspect that should be highlighted is the ease of installation and the easy functionality in the use of insulating devices. In particular, FTB thermal insulation boasts very fast closing and opening systems: invaluable in case you are operating with equipment that requires periodic maintenance. The flexibility of the thermal insulation tape FTT allows easy installation even in narrow environments when there are spaces where mobility is reduced or there are not common geometries.

Insulation from Teknovis3

Considering all the advantages of insulating devices, in addition to thermal insulation, we will be pleased if You take a look at the catalog Teknovis3. Cushions, thermal insulation and insulating tapes designed to maximize your company efficiency, moreover, thanks to the Gaia device, you will be able to monitor everything real time.

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