Textile expansion joint


The TEKJoint textile expansion joint completes Teknovis3’s wide range of products

It is made by using one or more layers of fabrics and materials according to different customer needs and specific areas of application.

TEKJoint is a strategical device in many industrial plants, it absorbs vibrations and movements in any direction caused by thermal variations, it absorbs also tensions in canalization systems and compensates the movements between two elements connected with it (pipes or elements with any shape).

TEKJoint is normally used with gas fluids, typically air or fumes with high temperature.

Giunto tessile di espansione TEKJoint

Lightweight and easy to install

Anti-vibration and noise reduction

Mechanical stress reduction

Excellent adaptability to plant elements of any shape and dimensions

High resistance to high temperature

ideal for:





Why choose TEKJoint as your textile expansion joint

The TeKJoint textile expansion joint from Teknovis3 is made from high quality materials that allow it to have a longer life than the average of similar products on the market.

Giunto tessile di espansione TEKJoint
Textile expansion joint with
squared section
Giunto tessile di espansione TEKJoint
Textile expansion joint with
circular section


High-temperature resistant

TEKJoint is perfectly resistant to high temperatures thanks to the technical characteristics of the fabrics and materials used.


The quality of the TEKJoint textile expansion joint is higher than the average of other products on the market.


TEKJoint is produced for standard sizes according to EN and ASME international guidelines.

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