High Temperatures

Thermal insulation blanket with pH indicator for fluid leakages

FTB pH-i - Flexible Thermal Blanket pH-i

FTB pH-i is a thermal insulation blanket with ph indicator on 1-14 range. t is made of innovative high performance materials which insulates all kind of elements, on hot and cold lines.


Checks the acidity/alkalinity of any fluid leakage

Maintenance time and costs reduction for the plant

Easy to assemble and disassemble, even where access is reduced

It can be used in areas with danger of explosion

In case of leakage of aggressive fluids, dangerous for people and for the plant integrity it acts promptly on the basis of the indicated pH level

ideal for insulating:

Corrosive Fluids


Other liquids

Thermal insulation blanket with pH indicator for fluid leakages

Recognisable from other insulation systems

Compared to other industrial insulation Teknovis3, the orange tape used by FTB pH-i makes it easily recognizable as a specific thermal insulation mat for applications on systems with the possibility of fluid leakage.

Check pH level quickly and easily

The image above shows a detail of FTB pH-i, for a 2 ways valve, with the pH indicator windows through which to check the pH of the fluid leakage, if it is present. In case of leakage, the pH indicator will be colored based on the degree of acidity/alkalinity of the leaked fluid.

Why choose a thermal insulation mat with pH-i indicator

Teknovis3’s FTB pH-i thermal insulation solution is the high quality solution that gives long lifetime even when there is a danger of fluid leakage.

materassino isolante termico pH-i



FTB pH-i supports the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the environment.


FTB pH-i provides excellent energy savings and reduces maintenance and purchasing costs.


FTB pH-i reduces the risk of burns and temporarily contains leakages of aggressive fluids products protecting plants personnel.


FTB pH-i is equipped with simple and fast locking systems that allow quick assembly, operability, easy maintenance and inspection of the insulated components.


FTB pH-i is an insulating blanket that helps to reduce temperatures in working areas.


FTB is produced both for standard sizes, according to the international EN and ASME directives, as well as customised for any irregular geometrical shape.

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