Discover TeknoCode, the new smart label to simplify the maintenance activity


Identify in a simple and fast way the elements of your production plant thanks to TeknoCode, the innovative technological device composed by a metal label with QR Code connected to a WebApp.

How it works

Smart Label e QR code

Applied to Teknovis3 industrial insulation systems, TeknoCode has a unique code that identifies the single element of the plant and allows, optionally, the access to an online database.
The metal label helps the operator to have a quick visual identification of the main information on a specific piece and thanks to the integrated QRCode it is possible to access the WebApp where further data are available regarding the identity and history of the element.


Inside the WebApp the operator has the possibility to note further data about the plant elements and about the maintenance activities carried out or to be carried out. Thanks to the information available on the label in case of damage to the item it is possible to request its replacement.

QRCode and WebApp: the two faces of digital identification

The TeknoCode system, composed of the hardware part with the QRCode and the software part with the WebApp, supports the management and monitoring of energy intensive companies’ production plants, easily identifying every single element and their health status. The maintenance and replacement of a part has never been so easy to coordinate.

Watch the video and find out how Teknocode works.

Benefits QR Code

Clear and immediate identification of th individual plant element

Data archive

WebApp access key

Mapping of all plant elements

Benefits WebApp

Cloud Based App for secures data access and storage

Easy to use

Data Center

Integration with other systems

Products for Thermal Insulation of High Temperature Cycles

The insulating thermal cushions in the different FTB, FTB pH-i types and the FTT insulating thermal tape are designed and manufactured to achieve the best result in terms of insulation in an industrial environment. Manufactured using high-quality technical materials, they combine safety with a long service life, thanks to the practical removable system.

Teknovis3 products


Flexible Thermal Blanket
FTB is a technical insulation mat that insulates all types of elements according to the system's operating conditions.
Flexible Thermal Blanket pH-i
FTB pH-i is an isolation mat with a pH indicator on a scale of 1-14 that allows you to check for leaks of corrosive fluids harmful to personnel and plant.
Flexible Thermal Blanket Zero
FTB Zero is a technical insulation mat for cold cycle applications.
Flexible Thermal Blanket Trace
FTB Trace is an insulating warming mat for temperature maintenance.

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