Teknovis3 industrial thermal insulation

The industrial thermal insulation Teknovis3 are removable systems made for installations that have as their use: hot cycles, cold cycles, temperature maintenance and cycles with highly corrosive fluids.

Teknovis3 products


Flexible Thermal Blanket
FTB is a technical insulation mat that insulates all types of elements according to the system's operating conditions.


Flexible Thermal Tape
FTT is an innovative insulation mat made of high-performance materials.
Flexible Thermal Blanket pH-i
FTB pH-i is an isolation mat with a pH indicator on a scale of 1-14 that allows you to check for leaks of corrosive fluids harmful to personnel and plant.
Flexible Thermal Blanket Zero
FTB Zero is a technical insulation mat for cold cycle applications.
Flexible Thermal Blanket Trace
FTB Trace is an insulating warming mat for temperature maintenance.
Textile Joint
TEKJoint is a textile expansion joint manufactured according to application specifications.
Coibentazioni termiche industriali per ogni tipo di impianto

Industrial thermal insulation for all types of plant

Teknovis3 industrial thermal insulation is manufactured to meet all kinds of plant requirements. Through the use of high quality materials and specialised personnel, a long service life is ensured in the various contexts of use, avoiding temperature or vibration exchanges between the system and the surrounding environmental conditions.

The choice of the most suitable industrial thermal insulation solution is fundamental for the efficiency of production cycles and depends on several factors, such as the type of fluid in the plant on which it is to be installed, the surrounding environmental conditions, and the location of the plant. These systems are generally used for the insulation of valves, flanges, joints, pipes and other elements of different types, shapes and sizes. The Teknovis3 technicians, during the first on-site inspection of the plant, analyse these elements to identify the most appropriate system to install.

Tecnologia IOT a corredo delle coibentazioni termiche industriali

IOT technology accompanying industrial thermal insulation

Teknovis3’s R&D department has developed IOT technology for calculating energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions. Gaia e-Tracker System is an easy-to-install hardware and software device that constantly measures the quality of the insulation level of industrial plants and the thermal load of a plant’s fluids.
Gaia devices are installed at different points in a plant and transmit data to the cloud. An advanced algorithm processes the data and displays the results on a WebApp.
Together with the range of thermal insulation cushions, Gaia completes the technological offer of Teknovis3.

Coibentazioni termiche-industriali conformi alle norme internazionali

Industrial thermal insulation complying with international standards

In line with the quality standards of other industrial insulation companies, Teknvois3 solutions are also built in accordance with international EN and ASME directives. Compliance with European (EN) and Anglo-Saxon (ASME) international requirements makes Teknovis3 industrial thermal insulation ideal for installation in different plants in different countries, guaranteeing all required standards.

Applications of our industrial insulation company
Our company's industrial insulation solutions have a variety of applications, ensuring energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions of different types of plants, to achieve the goals of environmental sustainability in production processes and personnel safety.
Types of application
Smart Label | Manutenzione Industriale | Coibentazioni Industriali

Discover TeknoCode, the new smart label to simplify the maintenance activity

Identify in a simple and fast way the elements of your production plant thanks to TeknoCode, a metal label with QR Code connected to a WebApp.