Thermal insulation blanket for cold cycles

FTB Zero - Flexible Thermal Blanket Zero

Among the industrial insulation Teknovis3, FTB Zero is the thermal insulation blanket for cold cycles that insulates all types of elements in the plants.

Thermal insulation blanket for cold cycles

Reduces condensation and the related risk of corrosion

Enables energy saving and CO2 emission reduction

Sub-zero temperatures resistant

Reduces the risk of cold burn

Lightweight and easy to install on different shapes and even in narrow spaces

Anti-freeze: protects against cracks caused by ice

Prevents failures caused by freezing

ideal for insulating:

Cold Water

Chilled water


Other Fluids

Further added value with FTB Zero from Teknovis3

Optionally, FTB Zero can be ordered with the integration of self-regulating heating cables to allowing specific temperatures to be maintained, according to the user’s requirements. The heating cables can be ATEX compliant on request.

Why choose the thermal insulation blanket for cold cycles

Teknovis3’s removable Flexible Thermal Blanket Zero cold insulation jacket provides real energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

Y Valves and Ball Valves – Cold Applications



FTB Zero supports the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the environment.


FTB Zero provides excellent energy savings and reduces maintenance and procurement costs.


It helps to reduce the condensation formation on the system elements on which it is installed.


FTB Zero is equipped with simple and fast locking systems that allow quick installation, operability, easy maintenance and inspection of the insulated components.


FTB Zero reduces the risk of corrosion due to condensation.


FTB Zero reduces the risk of frost cracking on the system elements on which it is installed.

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