13 June 2023

Industrial insulation: the design of the products

Design is a very important thing when it comes to industrial insulation products; and this is not only because of all the benefits they bring in terms of environmental sustainability, but also because of the aesthetic note they give to industrial environments. In this photo, an insulation device applied to an industrial plant.

When companies work on the design of a product for industrial insulation, it is not only the criteria of thermal conductivity and environmental sustainability that drive to the realization.

Especially in the design phase of the product itself and the choice of material, there are several goals that are related to its functionality.

Each of these offers not only an important contribution in terms of energy efficiency, but also a whole series of aspects that synergistically provide support to industry.

What are these aspects basically?

Industrial insulation design: everything for the benefit of the company

It is commonly tought, that insulating is not limited to making industrial plants environmentally sustainable.

When working for the industrial branch, the projects mainly focus on solving the phenomenon of thermal dispersion. The energy saving is worth it, because it leads to a concrete investment savings, which has implications on the company’s profit.

The world of industrial insulation is, in fact, one of the few in wich energy saving and economic and environmental sustainability complement each other.

Industrial insulation design: sustainability at high temperatures

In addition to the goals of sustainability and efficiency. Teknovis3 insulating products do focus on safety as well.

The design of the insulating devices is specifically designed for the containment of the operating temperature, compared to industrial equipment that work at demanding cycles.

Pumps, valves, filters and tanks that work with very high temperatures.

We are talking about devices and tools that, when not properly isolated, make the working microclimate difficult, with a working environment susceptible to accidents and injuries.

Not only problems caused by cold, heat and the leakage of corrosive liquids, but also a rigid microclimate and stressful noise pollution, are problems that can be avoided with industrial insulation products.

The design of the thermal insulating mats FTB are designed to act at temperatures starting from -30°C, in the case of cold cycles together with the FTB Zero, up to 650°C in the case of hot cycles.

Industrial insulation design: the ease of installation

The design of an insulating element, however, is not limited to to simply ensuring safety.

But also aims to practicality.

The insultation devices are often installed on complex and sophisticated elements in systems that, occasionally, need periodic and rigorous maintenance.

For this reason indeed, the design of Teknovis3 products is characterized by a great ease of installation: with a fast and extremely intuitive closing and opening system.

Less maintenance

Mantenance is not only facilitated by the easy operability of the insulating products, but it is also even less frequent thanks to the effects of insulation.

The insulating materials drastically reduce the possibility of damage caused by frost and condensation, thanks to the fact that they greatly reduce the risk of wear, as well as protect against cracks caused by ice.

Industrial insulation design: flexibility for complex geometries

The installation of Teknovis products take place after careful inspection of the industrial environment, we carry out a complete and rigorous mapping of each corner.

Complex industrial equipment can be insulated thanks to the extreme flexibility of Teknovis3 materials and thanks to our operators who sew each componement by hand.

The design of industrial insulation devices stands out as very important not only in terms of energy efficiency, but also in terms of aesthetic value, being able to give a note of beauty to industrial facilities as well. Pictured are some Teknovis insulating pad.

And aesthetics?

When we talk about design, however, we cannot fail to mention the aesthetic aspect, which has an important role among the Teknovis3 products.

The design of the thermal bearings also gives industrial environments a note of beauty and elegance.

Teknovis3 products

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